Welcome to the website of Diane M Harvey, LCSW. Here you'll find information about the therapy, mediation and conflict resolution services I offer. Now providing virtual therapy and mediation services.


Therapy is a collaborative process - that means that we work together to try to find solutions for you. It's important for you to find someone that you feel comfortable with and can work with to make positive changes in your life.


Mediation is a different kind of problem solving, with a very definite end-point. In the interest-based style of mediation that I am trained in, the participants in the mediation come up with the options and solutions together in a safe and neutral place. I assist you in finding common interests and goals.


Workshops are tailored to your own group needs. I've presented many workshops on mental health, conflict, mediation and related issues for many different groups, local and statewide.


Whether you're looking for a therapist, a mediator or a workshop facilitator, feel free to take a look.