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Mediation is a process where people can work to resolve issues in a neutral and safe place. Mediators work as guides in this process. We help you to come to solutions, rather than deciding the issues and resolutions for you. This is different than arbitration or going to court. In both of these instances, someone else will be deciding the outcome for you. Someone wins, someone loses. In mediation, it's possible to have a win/win result. At the very least, you can be assured of having a say in the process and in the outcome.

When two (or more) people can't resolve something without going to court, mediation can be a much more satisfying, less costly approach.

In the state of Texas, judges often refer parties to mediation prior to court proceedings, as a preferred alternative to court. Studies have shown that when people have a say in the outcome, agreements are more successful. Mediation is helpful in pre- and post-divorce, as well as in helping resolve family dynamics, neighbor issues, co-worker challenges, and many other situations.

My interest in mediation began with many years of work as a union leader. In many different roles, as direct-level employee, manager, local, regional and statewide labor/management participant and chair, I was able to hone mediation and negotiation skills that are integral to the labor/management process.

Currently, I am a lead Mediation Trainer at the Austin Dispute Resolution Center and am a co-founder of The Center for Integrated Divorce. I also continue to volunteer as a mediator at the Austin DRC, and often serve as a coach in other mediation trainings. Additionally, I've been very involved in the thriving mediation community that we have in Texas. I've served on the boards of Texas Association of Mediators (Past President), Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, and Austin Association of Mediators (Past President).


Mediation is charged on an hourly basis, and is rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Upon request, arrangements can be made for co-mediation (2 mediators). Most mediations tend to take between 2 and 4 hours.
Fees are to be divided evenly between the parties (unless otherwise agreed prior to mediation) and are to be paid immediately upon end of mediation session.
$200.00/hour (billed to the quarter-hour)